HYUNDAI i30 Power steering column

€363.00 (IVA inc.)

Power steering column for HYUNDAI i30 (2007-2016).

Repair service or exchange with work guaranteed.


€363.00 (IVA inc.)
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Power steering column for HYUNDAI i30 (2007-2016).

Repair service or exchange with work guaranteed.

1 year warranty in remanufactured units.

- The column has internal noises, especially when stopped moving from the center to both sides.
- The indicator lights up in the shape of a steering wheel or "EPS".

Error codes
NOCODE Knocking when turning on both sides
X0000 Other(s)
Informatión:the description of the error codes may not coincide depending on the diagnostic machine used, the important thing is that the code matches.


  • Repair your own unit: After making the purchase, you must send the damaged piece by parcel.

We put at your service our national / international transport company for shipping if you wish.

Once we receive it, our technicians will examine it in our test benches to detect the fault and make the repair. We will send you back your fully repaired and guaranteed unit. Usually it takes about 24-48h once we have it in our laboratory.

  • Exchange units:
We have at your disposal a large stock of exchange units, to send immediately. You only need to provide us with the reference of your piece or the make and model of your vehicle and we will send you an unit compatible with yours. This service, necessarily entails the payment of a deposit not included in the price shown. You must return the defective unit within a maximum period of 15 days to recover your deposit. The deposit for this unit is  150€.

If your reference is not in this list, dont worry, your unit can probably be repaired.

Feel free of contacting us and we will help you the find the right product.

HYUNDAI 56310-2L700
HYUNDAI 56310-2L600
HYUNDAI 56300-2L600

may 5, 2023

many problems

I had many problems in the unit of my car and I no longer knew what to do. I saw them on a blog and they told me if they knew how to repair my unit. Talk to the technician who knows English and helped me with everything. Quite happy with the work of the team.

Thank you very much Max

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