Power Steering

Power Steering
Power Steering

There are three main types of electric power steering; Steering columns, steering racks and steering pumps.

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  • Columns

    Power steering columns are those that have the unit, engine and sensor assembly in the driver's cab, behind the steering wheel which is connected to a purely mechanical rack behind the pedals to activate the steering mechanism of the vehicle. 

    They tend to be more compact and more durable, since they are inside the car, protected from the weather.

  • Pumps

    The electric power steering pumps are an evolution with respect to the old hydraulic pumps that were driven by the movement of the engine through a system of pulleys. 

    This new system consists of an electric part and a hydraulic part. The hydraulic part is a conventional pump, driven by the rotation of an electric motor, which is commanded by the vehicle's motor control unit to regulate the pressure.

    This new system has the advantage that it does not reduce the power of the motor, so that consumption is reduced.

  • Racks

    Power steering racks are those that have the unit, engine and sensor assembly directly in the bottom of the vehicle, between the wheels, providing assistance to the vehicle's steering system.

  • Power steering components

    This category includes different types of parts for the repair of the power steering system, this section is intended for professionals in the sector who are trained to diagnose the fault correctly.

    Important: no technical advice is offered on the use of these parts for repair.

  • Direct sale

    Here you can find remanufactured, used or new products for sale without mandatory return of the old part. 

    You can find: power steering columns, power steering control units, power steering engines, hydraulic reservoirs, etc.

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